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Unlocking the power of collaboration: CEBEM Mobility Fellowships and Fast-Track Option

Dear Scientific and Academic Community,

We are excited to announce the opportunity to participate in CEBEM Mobility Fellowships

designed to unlock the power of collaboration in the fields of Structural Biology, Bioimaging,

and Integrative Approaches.

CEBEM is a network of scientific research groups that work collaboratively to enhance their

capacities in Structural Biology and Bioimaging in South America. Its vision is to consolidate

a regional scientific network, integrating skills and infrastructure, promoting exchange

between people dedicated to research and generating synergies to address major problems

in order to improve the quality of life of people and the planet.

CEBEM invites graduate students, researchers, and research facilities' staff to apply for this

initiative that aims to foster knowledge exchange and experiences in Latin America by

supporting visits between CEBEM nodes and other laboratories in the region and abroad.

The fellowships provide funding of up to USD 3000 to cover travel/lodging expenses and

facility bench fees.

Additionally, CEBEM offers a Fast-Track Option for those with urgent needs in the fields

mentioned above. Graduate students, researchers, and research facility personnel can

receive funding of up to USD 1000 to support their travel/lodging expenses and facility bench fees.

Applications in English are open until August 18th, 2023. Don't miss this chance to enhance

your research experience by collaborating with other research groups:

Best regards,

Dr. Maria Gabriela Rivas -- Research Scientist (CONICET) Departamento de Física Facultad de Bioquímica y Ciencias Biológicas Universidad Nacional del Litoral Pje. El Pozo s/n (Ciudad Universitaria) Santa Fe, CP S3000ZAA Santa Fe (ARGENTINA)

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