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Atualizado: 26 de mai. de 2022

The Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics of UniversitatJaume I (LMB-UJI, Department of Physics, UJI) is seeking candidates for two predoctoral 4-year contracts. Applicants must have a university degree obtained in a country not belonging to the European Union within the last four years and fulfill the requirements to be enrolled in the Doctoral Program of UJI at the onset of the predoctoral contract.

The PhD students will combine the use of electrophysiology techniques at the molecular level and theoretical models with computing and simulation tools to study protein channels. They will acquire basic biophysical skills that involve relevant concepts of physical chemistry of ionic solutions, membrane electrostatics, statistical thermodynamics and noise analysis. They will also benefit from the experience gained in LMB-UJI over the last decades in the characterization of ion transport in bacterial toxins, viral protein channels, mitochondrial porins and other biological nanopores and the ongoing international collaborations with top-quality laboratories. Biophysics background is preferred but highly motivated candidates with Master degrees in Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Computing Science and related fields are also welcomed. For a glimpse of the current research interests in LMB-UJI, please check the recent publications at These contracts are funded by the Valencia Regional Government (GeneralitatValenciana) through the Santiago Grisolía Program. Applicants should send their expression of interest and their CV to A. Alcaraz ( or V. Aguilella (

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