The abstracts must be written in English according to the template below. The abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and will be scheduled for a poster presentation during the event. (limit of 280 words). Please use the link in the Registration form to upload your abstract file.

Instructions for abstract submission
  1. Font: Arial, 12 pt.
  2. Abstract size is 8.5″ x 5.5″ (19 cm x 14 cm) with 1 cm margins.
  3. Title should be in bold letters, capitalized and centered across the page
  4. Author names are centered and identified with numerical superscripts with the presenting author’s name underlined.
  5. Author affiliations are centered and identified with numberical superscripts that correspond to the respective author’s names; include the email address for the presenting author
  6. All Abstracts must be sent by email to: sbbfisica@gmail.com, please use as email subject: ABSTRACT_your_surname.
  7. Please see below for an example (click to download).


Instructions for poster preparation and presentation:

The poster should be prepared in English and its size should be no larger than 90 cm wide x 120 cm high. Typeface should be large enough to be read from distances of ca. 1.5 m. Fixing material will be supplied.

Authors with odd-numbered posters should present on Friday (Oct 27th) and those with even-numbered posters on Saturday (Oct 28th).