The Advanced School (http://www.fap.if.usp.br/~espcabio/) on Biophysics will be held in Sao Paulo, just before the SBBf annual meeting. Students attending the School are encouraged to participate in the SBBf Annual Meeting. One symposium will be dedicated to selected students (Ph.D. or posdocs) from the School and the submitted abstracts.


The main goal of the Advanced School is to provide young researchers (PhD and postdocs) with the state of the art of theoretical and experimental tools to study Biomolecular Interactions.  In this context, classes focused on protein-protein, protein-membrane, protein-lipid, membranes and proteins and their partners as well as protein-DNA interactions will be addressed (details in the Scientific Program School (http://www.fap.if.usp.br/~espcabio/?q=node/4).

The school will give students the opportunity to attend multi-disciplinary classes and to interact with renowned researchers on Structural and Spectroscopic techniques, such as Fluorescence, CD and SRCD, EPR, NMR, SAXS, Cryo-TEM, AFM and molecular dynamic simulations.

Furthermore, the School will also offer plenary lectures with the aim to make a synergic liaison between different techniques applied to biologically relevant topics. In this way, the students will meet prominent biophysicists in the field and other young scientists in an attractive and convivial environment, thus propitiating excellent conditions for networking.

Financial Support

A significant number of travel grants (75) are available for eligible participants of the Advanced School from other countries and Brazilian states other than Sao Paulo. The travel grant covers the travel and hosting expenses during the Advanced School (from Oct. 16th to Oct. 27th).

More information can be find at: http://www.fap.if.usp.br/~espcabio/

Important: Students willing to participate only in the SBBf meeting (and not in the Advanced School) are welcome, but not eligible for this kind of financial support.