Submission of Abstract/poster is over

There will be two poster sessions during the XLIII SBBf congress: one on Thursday(Sep 27th) at 7PM and the other one on Saturday (Sep 29th) at 6:30PM. Due to the large number of presenting posters, we do not have any space for day exchange. The abstract book along with the poster presentation schedule will be available online early next week.

Guidelines for poster presentation:
  1. Those presenting on Thursday should mount the poster on Thursday 5 PM and leave it up until Friday 5 PM. Those presenting on Saturday should mount the poster on Saturday at 10 AM and leave it up until Sunday 10 AM.
  2. Odd-numbered posters will be presented on Thursday, and even-numbered posters on Saturday.
Guidelines for poster preparation:
  1. the poster must be prepared in English
  2. the poster must be no larger than 90 cm wide x 120 cm high.
  3. typeface should be large enough to be read confortambly by other participants from 1.5 m distance.